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  • Contour® Evolving with you.

    Contour® Evolving with you.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

    COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

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  • Your Pharmacy Should Do More Than Just Fill Prescriptions

    Your Pharmacy Should Do More Than Just Fill Prescriptions

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  • Immunizations


    We offer a variety of immunizations to help keep you and your family healthy

  • Medication Synchronization

    Medication Synchronization

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Our Mission

Mason Family Drug is an independent pharmacy with a primary focus of taking care of our patients. Unlike a large box store or a distant mail order operation, we are locally owned and employed by people here in mason county and the surrounding areas. If you are from Mason, Bracken, Lewis, Fleming, Robertson, Adams, and Brown County, we are a part of your community. We do far more than placing medication in a bottle. With our emphasis on patient care, we will work with your providers as part of your health team to make sure that your medication is timely, accurate and understandable. In addition to short turn-around times, friendly service, free local delivery, drive-thru convenience, we utilize medication synchronization that allows all your medications to be filled on the same day each month or every 90 days. We also, provide Dispill medication dose-packs (resembling a labeled pill box) to assist patients on multiple medications and caregivers with daily dosing needs. We will help organize your medications, go over them with you, and consult with you providers. We also provide walk-in preventative immunizations, basic compounding services, home medical supplies and a large selection of over-the-counter items. At Mason Family Drug, our staff is committed to taking care of you with the highest level of care, concern, and treat you as a part of our family.

Dispill® Multi-Dose Packaging

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Meet Your Pharmacist - Michael Berry

Meet Your Pharmacist - Michael Berry

Mason Family Drug Pharmacist

Meet Your Pharmacist - Sarena Amburgey

I am Sarena Amburgey. I graduated from Morehead State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology prior to achieving a Pharm D at the University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy. I quickly discovered that independent community pharmacy is my niche, and there’s no place I’d rather be. I grew up in California, Kentucky and currently live in Alexandria, Kentucky. As a kid, I received my prescriptions at a small-town independent pharmacy where the staff knew my extended family by name. At Mason Family Drug, we strive to provide our patients patient-centered care, and we are always here to serve you. We treat our patients like family at Mason Family Drug. I’m eager to learn my patients by name, build and maintain patient trust, and to serve the needs of Mason County.

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